by Heavenless

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released January 4, 2017

Produced by Cássio Zambotto
Mixed and Mastered by Cássio Zambotto
Recorded at Mad Butcher Studio, Mossoró, RN, Brazil
Artwork by Hugo Silva aka Abacrombie Ink
Released by Rising Records



all rights reserved


Heavenless Mossoró, Brazil

Heavy shit from brazilian dephts.

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Track Name: Enter Hades
while she burns
I slowly open my eyes
seeing the whole horizon
it's my den
I'll enjoy the flames
there's nothing to be proud of
we can only feel hate and rancor
it's my fault we're looking worn
all signs of a broken soul
I'll do my best to slaughter one by one
my hand shakes
my head hurts
it's the master feeling to recover my post
your lust for power doesn't come from strenght
you sealed the request of ruin
signs of a broken soul
I'll do my best to slaughter one by one
others by side who can't be named
following the one like lambs
they will bleed in the mouth of the wolf
Track Name: Hopeless
there is just pain
my demons rises
no senses
it's my verdict, my pain
I didn't asked for it
I must accept
I slowly burn
broken vows
for a long time I host maggots from my legacy
infested blood
I crawl in penitence
there is no hope
I slowly burn
broken vows
there's no hope
no hope
Track Name: The Reclaim
you forgot all days of bloodshed
all shreded families
the worst mistake was made
our guard is down
won't linger the howl to be heard
he will hunt for victims
and reclaim his post
the worst mistake was made
we've just denied god
we'll suffer for repentance
no hope
Track Name: Hatred
with an innocent soul
wandering into the waste
his conviction was fated
there's no way back
no respect for the roots
the end couldn't be worse
he's doomed by a weakness
the curse horrifies
for destruction and devastation
new level
the black candles burns
smell of dead humans
the sign of the end of the days
his born is hatred
oblivious by god
forsaken by religions
for destruction and devastation
new level
god abandoned me
but maybe won't abandon you
my fangs will answer
there's no salvation
Track Name: Soothsayer
living lie
killing pride
he is a proof of divine rage
destroying any traces of goodness
tormented by hate
the sooth is his curse
he stands strong against god
now roams with wicked creatures
killing pride
he knows the truth
a divine rage
rising the will for violence
tormented by hate
the sooth is his curse
he stands strong against god
suffering but not defeated
the power is opposed by fear
his sanity was impaled by god spear
no consternation
with a single blow made all the sins
with a single blow
Track Name: Odium
old memories haunts me
I don't know my whole story
but I've realized how wrong I was
there is no good or evil
there is no faith
the power corrupts and destroys the souls
hunger for dominate the jungle
I'm aware
it should not be me
surviving day by day
they want my head
there is no reason for hate
ain't no sense
unprovoked violence
an explanation
kill or die
Track Name: Uncorrupted
and he falls into the abyss
sentenced to be the fake
of ash and bones
which no mercy should be expected
the shadows remained strong
walk with me now
follow the uncorrupted
Track Name: Deceiver
contradiction, intolerance
innocent bloodshed, murdered children
mandatory book, expired ideals
die, I'll defy
die you poor blind
obscure snide goals
blind soldiers with their stupid belief
they distract us from revolution
spreading empty words
you can't hide your reputation, fucking deceiver
dogmas that feed from souls
accumulated wealth
they don't pay the price of deaths and bloodshed
you die, I'll defy
die you poor blind
Track Name: Point-blank
answers for gullible outcries
an army rises
the religious man puts himself first
point blank shot
the cross as a shield
result of decandence
the mankind loses power when affected by mercy
the good lord, slayer of innocents
principles, religion, doctrine, deception
religiousness is anything but a delusion
these days a dark feeling took over
treating unequals equally
the justice of men fails
always benefits the big
to the wretches all blame
there is no way to improve
they doesn't allow